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ant to ask if you are willing to take the girl with a dowry of eighteen talents?” Lycon stopped, but did n

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ot utter a word in reply. If the rude statue of Poseidon in front of the temple of the god had suddenly descen

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ded from its pedestal and come towards him, he could not have been more speechless with bewilderment. “Tha


t this may be done,” Polycles continued smiling, “I will adopt you as a son and make you my heir. True, I sh

e said to

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ould have preferred a suitor who was the girl’s equal in birth, but as she seems to incline t

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澳门新葡亰 在线观看

o you, I will submit to her wish.” Lycon drew a long breath, and passed his huge hand over


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his face several times. “I thank you, Polycles,” he said at last, “I thank you from my


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heart! But how is this to be? I am a freedman, it is true; but you forget....” 297 “I for


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get nothing,” answered Polycles. “But one thing you must know—the citizens must hear the wh



ole story ... your condition of slave, your sin, and the punishment whose mark you bear. In a

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Ordinary features

  • little place like Methone nothin

  • g can be hidden, so it is better to conf

  • ess everything yourself rather than ha

  • ve it discovered by others. Besi

  • des, matters relating to inheritance, ma

  • him:


Special features

  • rriage, and other kindred affair

  • s are often discussed in our popular ass

  • emblies. Here, where all the citizens

  • know each other, no distinction

  • is made between public and private busin

  • “My fri


luxury features

  • ess.” In front of the theatr

  • e the city police were busily engaged in

  • urging on the groups of gossiping, la

  • ughing citizens by threatening t

  • o mark them with ropes covered with red

  • end, I h


  • john doe

    paint. These ropes left ugly stains on mantles, and the people therefore tried to avoid them. But the largest crowd outside of the theatre was not disturbed by the

  • Robert Smith

    police. It consisted of slaves waiting for the close of the assembly to attend their masters to the market, baths, or gymnasium. These slaves were no less merry than

  • Steve Smith

    the citizens. Their attention was specially directed to the flat roofs of the nearest houses, where a group of young slave-girls were busily sunning


ave important matters to d

rugs and cushions, to get an opportunity t

o see the throngs of men and be seen by them. Signs, not always the most seemly, were sometimes exchanged between the square before the theatre and the roofs. At the entrance the recording cl

iscuss with you to-day! You kn

erk objected to admitting Lycon; but Polyc

les patted him on the shoulder,298 saying: “If this man isn’t a citizen of Methone, he will soon become one. Let him go in.” The interior of the theatre presented a deep, semi-circular rec

ow that Simonides, in his

ess, surrounded by a mound of earth slanti

ng upward, covered with stone benches, and supported by a thick encircling wall. About the center of the place, between the seats rising around, stood the altar, where, at the moment Polycles an

last will, left me his fortune

d Lycon entered, a priest in a long white

robe, with a garland on his hair, was in the act of offering the customary sacrifice of purification. When this short ceremony was over the chief magistrate took his seat and a struggle, half je

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st, half earnest, followed

, for all wanted places in


he front row where the

y could hear best.

The chief magistrate opened the meeting by relating the misfor

tunes which had recently overwhelmed the place. When he spok

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